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west-austin-real-estateLike most of the Austin real estate, the townhomes for sale in the city afford residents with an ample opportunity to enjoy the many attractions in the area. The townhomes are spacious and provide green spaces to stretch your legs in the beautiful Texas sunshine. They come in all varieties of shape and designs too, so no matter what your preferences are, it’s not hard to find what you’re looking for.The majority of the townhomes are in the row fashion, but they vary greatly in design and architectural style.The entire gambit of exterior veneers can be found, including vinyl siding, stucco, wood and brick. And you will also be able to find all the designs you would expect, ranging from classic Traditional to modern contemporary styles. But, for all the differences that make each townhome unique, they all incorporate a general sense of communal living that is both convenient and comfortable.Many of the townhomes offer community amenities that complement the homes and make the communities more social and active. Some of them are gated as well; and others sit on golf courses. From the million dollar townhomes available to the homes under 150K, the communities are well-kept and provide residents with the ability to enjoy the big city attractions of Austin at a moment’s notice.