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The lofts for sale in Austin give residents all the opportunities necessary to enjoy a life of convenience. Whether you’re looking to live right in the heart of Downtown or in the outskirts of the city, there are lofts available. They come in a number of different styles– both inside and out—making them diverse enough for any potential buyer.

The different perks offered by these lofts are too numerous to name. Some sit directly on golf courses, with access to the courses and beautiful views overlooking the mature landscapes; some are located amongst the skyscrapers of Downtown, making it a breeze to reach the many attractions of the city; some give residents plenty of privacy in the suburbs with a short drive into the city; while others offer a variety of amenities so there are plenty of options within the community. Although, for as many differences as the lofts exhibit, there is one overriding similarity: style.

All of the lofts are incredibly designed to enhance the living environment for the residents. From high-rise buildings plated with glass to brick veneers that exude a vintage appeal, all of the lofts are a pleasure to live in and to view. Popular lofts in Austin include the Plaza Lofts, SoCo Lofts and Caswell Lofts. And each and every one of them is within a few minutes from the city and all the many entertainment options offered by the city.


Loft living is truly one of the best ways to enjoy the culture and lifestyle that Austin encourages. With an Austin loft, you’ll be right in the middle of the city. You’ll have access to everything that Austin offers, including bars, night clubs, fine dining, quaint and unique restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, theatrical venues, concert venues, museums and galleries, and much more.

Lofts offer simplicity and superb function. If you live by yourself or with a single roommate, a loft is a great way to invest in affordable, compact living space in the city center. Downtown Austin real estate can come at a high price because it’s in such high demand, but a loft allows you the perks of city center access without the incredibly high price tag of a large, multi-roomed residence.

Here are some excellent lofts that you should consider if you’re looking for a comfortable, modern, and urban residence in the heart of downtown Austin: