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Our Story

The Local Broker LLC is a culmination of over 10 years of real estate website experience. Ian Marshall, president and founder of The Local Broker, has created a platform on which hand-picked, top local real estate agents can showcase homes and consumers can have the best searchable and navigable website at their fingertips. The websites provided by The Local Broker are some of the most cutting edge sites in the country. We use the newest technology and the top IDX choices for each of the cities in which The Local Broker is established.

For agents:  To reserve a city from the map above, please follow this link and include the city name in your contact information.  An associate from The Local Broker will get back to you immediately.

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Real Agent Testimonials

Halfway through 2013 and we have closed over 2.4 Million dollars in sales because of the website. I can now spend my time working with clients and growing my team. Worth every dollar! – Lenora Marshall with Blue Water Realty [Cape Coral, FL]

With the help of Ian’s websites, I have recruited over 25 agents to Keller Williams Realty and have grown one of the most amazingly unique teams in the Austin area. Thanks Local Broker. It’s truly a win-win situation! Elizabeth Riley with Keller Williams Realty [Austin, TX]

As soon as I started in real estate in Memphis, I knew I needed a great website. After adding two new agents to my team and selling numerous homes, I am still happy with our decision and looking to expand into other cities with the help of The Local Broker. - John Sylvester with Keller Williams [Memphis, TN]

Recent Press

Yahoo Finance,  8/8/2013 - The Local Broker LLC Announces the Launch of Their Flagship Real Estate Website in Austin, Texas 

Is the Local Broker LLC a brokerage firm?

The Local Broker LLC is a licensed Georgia real estate firm for referral purposes. Each city is represented by a hand-picked, local licensed real estate agent, and all of our sites comply with local real estate commission guidelines.

Why use the Local Broker LLC ?

You should be out selling homes, recruiting, or spending time with your family. Our job is to build you an amazing, cutting edge website that helps grow your business.

Do you choose every agent that inquires?

No, we only work with agents that have the ability to consistently handle a large number of consumer inquiries each month. Our goal is to partner with agents who are aggressively focused on customer service and an amazing buying or selling experience for their clients.

How long does it take to get a site?

It depends how many sites are currently in the build out phase. Here are the steps:  1) Phone interview 2) Non refundable city hold deposit 3) IDX, image and content build out. Typically, your agent site will be up and running within 2 to 3 months after deposit; however, time frames can vary.


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